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OLTL established and operates a HOME that acts as a refuge for children rescued from the streets.

Our unique model ensures the holistic development of children:

The Four R’s of Sustainable Development

With the help of local authorities, community and family members children at risk are identified and rescued from the streets and slums. Often, the children are found abused, abandoned, severely neglected, exploited and/or orphaned.


Read about the lives transformed through our Home of Hope


One Life to Love identifies children of seasonal migrant workers’ families in our community. 80 per cent of the children of seasonal migrant workers never access education in India. These children live on the roadside, do not attend school, and often assist their parents in work, or play in the construction sites all day. Here are 7 problems faced by children of migrant laborers.
  • 1

    Continue to act as caregivers for younger siblings and family support.

  • 2

    Highly vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

  • 3

    No development of personality and intellectuality - remain trapped in the poverty cycle.

  • 4

    Insecure emotional and social abilities hence adjustment issues.

  • 5

    Poor connections with peers/ institutions, cannot contribute to society.

  • 6

    Declining interest of parents towards education for their education.

  • 7

    Unable to understand their rights and entitlement.

Children of migrant workers are ostracized. While there are many organizations offering free education to poor children, there is almost no organization dedicated to the children of migrant laborer families.

One Life to Love identifies these children in our communities. We counsel the parents and help them realize how important it is for their children to receive even a basic education. In our DayCare, the children are provided 2 meals and 2 snacks a day, education, a nurturing environment, opportunities to play and compete, TV, music & dance, arts and crafts, etc.


Children are provided with uniforms, hygiene supplies, backpacks, shoes and all their educational needs. They are usually only with us for a short period of time, as they often have to move to find work. Therefore, we focus heavily on teaching them their rights, basic reading and writing skills, good social habits, avenues to find help, and health and self-defense skills.


Read about the lives transformed through our DAYCARE CENTER.

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