Ravi’s Story

“Pick me up and hold me in your arms, My body won’t listen but my desires can fly,
Unaware to the world as I say goodbye, My heart on my sleeve and my dreams in a swarm.”

I wrote these lines thinking about Ravi as he said goodbye to the world on March 20th while we were preparing to rescue this new child and welcome him to our Home of Hope.

We were happy, excited and frantically filling paperwork and getting all the medical records in order to rescue Ravi and welcome him to One Life to Love. Midnight of the intervening night on March 20th, we got a call that Ravi is no more and breathed his last while asleep.

We were shattered to hear the news of this great loss but more than us…….. it was a deprivation to this world that lost a child in search of hope who could have filled it with smiles and giggles for years to come.

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