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The Problem

Why Forever Home?

At present, all of One lIfe to Love’s projects are run out of a rented facility in the outskirts of Delhi, which also doubles as our orphanage for boys with special needs.

We work tirelessly to rehabilitate our children and give them all the tools necessary to hopefully become independent adults one day. But it is evident that the mental and physical challenges they have will inevitably force them to be forever dependent on us as their caretakers.

We are making the greatest impact we can, but our children need a longterm solution- they need a forever home.

The One Life to Forever Home Project will not only provide an ideal space for our current projects, but it will also enable us to expand our model of love, compassion and tangible care so we may help even more women, children and families in need.

Our Response

The Home of Hope Campus will include, but not be limited to:

Home for Girls with special needs

Home for Boys with special needs

Aftercare Facility for adults with special needs (age 20+)

Aftercare Facility for adults with special needs (age 20+)

Sustainable farmland to grow our own fruit, vegetables and wheat

Animal shelter for abandoned and abused animals

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