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ONE LIFE TO LOVE’S unique approach empowers children and their communities by providing shelter, relief, education, and equal opportunity to ensure sustainable development. Our mission is to equip “children living on the streets” by supporting their 3 fundamental rights as lined out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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Education Center for Migrant Children

As India rapidly urbanizes, more and more parents are migrating from villages to live and work on construction sites in the country’s growing cities – and bringing their young children with them.

Orphanage for children with special needs

While the city has many shelter homes offering care for children who live on the streets, there is only one institution in Delhi for children suffering from mental and physical challenges.

Pooja's Daycare for girl's with special needs

Girls with special needs born to poor families in India are often abandoned, sold, or even killed.

COVID & Homeless relief work

One Life to Love is a beacon of hope in our community, gaining notoriety as an organization that truly helps people in need.

Girls' Education program

More than 90 million girls in India are illiterate. Regardless of the laws, policies and schemes available for the education of girls, one wonders why girls are not in schools?


WOMEN’S ALLIANCE OLTL’s Women's Alliance is a women's empowerment initiative aiming to alleviate women's suffering, raise awareness of women's health & hygiene, and promote equality for all.

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