Walking Around India, by Mary Jodry

Walking Around India​
by: Mary Jodry

So many people just walking around.
elephants, camels, and other animals being found. All of the worlds creatures living together,
they work with each other like two birds of a feather.
Piles of garbage, next to beautiful mansions,
people living with each other using so many adaptations. The rich serve the poor in temples of gold,
The poor make art on the streets to give to the old.
Smells of fresh spices brush through the air,
people wanting to eat just stand and stare.
Families begging just to have a home,
Children running around, parents just letting them roam.
The air is thick with love and gladness,
rituals for death on a river of sadness.
All seems bad to someone like me,
but the people that live their are just happy they are free.
Once in awhile the people will lose hope,
then others come along to help evoke.
These people are focused on nothing but today, these people’s lives are
endangered but they still act ok.

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