I left Delhi early Saturday morning. Departing from the Home, I felt like I was gently carried from my room into the seat of the car as with each step towards the gate I was embraced with a tight hug and a warm wish of “happy journey” by each of the children. I felt only sadness as the car pulled out of the driveway. I looked and saw some of the boys standing in front of the Home, some peeking their heads through windows, some peeking around the corners. I will always remember their poignant faces. I only pray that time will bring healing to our hearts; that they are daily reminded of how precious they are and of the great purpose God has for each of their lives.

On the plane, I started to wonder, how will our entrance into the Kingdom be? As I thought this the pilot came over the loudspeaker, “Ladies & gentlemen in just a few moments we will be arriving in Paradise; we ask that you buckle your seat-belts, bring your chairs to their upright position, and store all tray tables for landing.” In a half-sleep I woke up, all-knowing that we were not actually entering the Kingdom. Kerala is nicknamed “Paradise” and I realized why even before the plane set down on the state. From the aerial view I could see only lush green terrain extending in long plains and ascending and descending in soft gradience. The clouds were magnificently seated in the sky with the sun penetrating through the small openings with humble authority.Paradise. But this is nothing compared to the Lord’s Paradise. His will be even more perfect, even more pristine, even more glorious than this. Hard to imagine, but mystifying to try.

Kerala is a stark contrast to where I have just come from. The images from the slums of Delhi still plague my mind and I constantly find myself comparing those images to the ones here in this ‘paradise’. I am mentally unadjusted- it will take time. I am open to whatever the Lord has for me, and I know He is making a way for me to serve Him better. I have so much to learn! It is not that I thought I knew everything, just that I thought I knew most things. But I am humbled by His wisdom and His grace to teach me more.

I realize now it is not about the “mission” to India. It is about the “submission” to God. In K.P. Yohannan’s book, Touching Godliness, the metropolitan quotes Thomas a Kempes: “‘Carry the cross patiently and with perfect submission, and in the end it shall carry you.’ That is the way of surrender. In surrender we can be confident the Lord will take care of the outcome and will cause our lives to bear much fruit.” I have a burden for the children in Delhi, and I have a vision for how their lives should prosper. But God’s thoughts are not like mine, His are greater (Isaiah 55:8-9) and He is in control of the outcome. So I submit to His will for my life. Wherever He might call me, slums or paradises, I will follow with gladness of heart!

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