Love is… being a friend when she is in need

Last year, Priya (left) dropped out of school, and her best friend Kavita (right) was missing her a lot. You see, they were studying for their exams, but Priya couldn’t afford to buy the geometry box, pens, pencils & notebooks necessary for the final.

Kavita shared whatever she could with Priya while they studied, but during the test it would be impossible to share tools. So Priya, embarrassed and frustrated with her family’s poor situation, dropped out. Kavita pleaded with her own parents to buy Priya’s education tools, but they were barely able to afford the $6 on Kavita’s tools.

This was around the time One Life to Love began the Education Program. I received a note one day, written in English, “Ma’am, please help my friend Priya to buy her education tools so she will come back to school. Please Ma’am. She is my best friend and I miss her too much.” Kavita, one of the shyest girls in the school, wrote this note and asked another student to hand it to me.

Thankfully, Priya has such a good friend in Kavita, otherwise we may not have come to know of her need. Priya was able to take her exams, as was the entire school, since we provided them all with the necessary tools. Priya and Kavita are together again, studying, playing and enjoying life as children deserve.

You can help Priya and girls like her continue to study.

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