From the Hearts of Children

From the Hearts of children come the most honest, enlightening and inspiring words, actions, and thoughts. I love my time in the USA traveling and sharing and meeting different people with a common heart of compassion for needy children in India. But when I meet children who are just as compassionate, if not more, I marvel at their potential of bringing positive change to our world in the future. And I pray that compassion and love is nurtured until they are fully ready to set out and shine their dazzling light all over the dark places of our world.
Nearby my hometown there is a remarkable young girl named Ellie. Her family has supported me and prayed for me since the time I started working in India among street children. They have a common heart for orphans and even have adopted children of their own. It is obvious that God has blessed Ellie with the awesome and powerful gift of compassion. She has an unbelievable heart for the “kids in India”. For her birthday, Ellie didn’t ask for the latest toy on the market, cool clothes, fun games, or other things kids usually ask for on their birthdays. Ellie asked that in lieu of gifts, her friends and family give her cash and gift cards so that she could buy things for the kids in India.
She was so anxious to give these things to me to bring back to the kids in India. I was so happy to finally meet up with her a couple weeks ago at a fundraiser for One Life to Love. The photo you see above is of me with Ellie as she shows me all the sweet gifts she got for the kids.
When I think of Ellie and other children like her I think of the boy who gave his lunch to Jesus to feed 5,000 in Matthew 14:13-21. The disciples must have laughed when the boy offered that meagre meal to feed such a large group of people. But Jesus saw the sincerity of the boys giving heart. I believe that boy shared in Jesus’ compassion for the multitude, and rather than fill his own belly, he wanted to help the others whom he saw at that moment as more important than himself.
It makes me think. God doesn’t look for grand gifts and incredible donations. He is pleased with those who give out of the purest compassion and desire to help with a faithful and willing heart to be used by Him to impact the multitudes. I am sure, absolutely sure, that Ellie’s gifts will impact the multitudes.
Thank you Ellie, from all the kids in India!

One Life to Love envisions a world where every child has a home, a family, and equal opportunity to be and become who they are destined to be.

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