A Single Mother with One Wish: To Send Her Children to School

Kiran is a strong self-respecting woman who, despite all hardships and struggles of her daily existence, helped raised her kids under a leaking tin shed. Kiran’s husband Umesh was suffering from a life-threatening disease for three years. And just a few months back he unfortunately passed away from this illness.

Kiran has three kids and all of them are hopeful that one day they will be able to go school. Even though Kiran has been working round the clock to make sure there food on the plate for all her kids, she still cannot muster enough finances to provide deserving education to her children.

One Life to Love, through our network of volunteers in our girls education programme, came to know about Kiran. One Life to Love visited Kiran‘s house and immediately took cognizance of the situation. Our primary goal was to provide Kiran and her family of young children protection from the harsh winters.

Kiran had tears in our eyes when we landed at her doorstep with blankets and warm clothes for everyone. Kiran could never send her kids to school but One Life To Love has helped her achieve her dreams. Now all of her kids have uniforms, shoes and educational stationary. The kids were so excited to wear their clean new shoes and carry their new school bags on their shoulders. Kiran was so happy to see her kids collect the shoes and the school notebooks that she had tears in her eyes and she could not stop herself from continuously gazing into the beautiful reactions of her kids.




One Life to Love envisions a world where every child has a home, a family, and equal opportunity to be and become who they are destined to be.

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