Post by Emily Mulhaul

They’re playing.

In a place beyond the hurt there are children that are being loved at a greater intensity than they have suffered. The same children who have been abandoned, hidden and silenced are laughing until their bellies cramp, smiling until their cheeks hurt and playing… they are playing!

Courtney left behind her routine in Monmouth County and created One Life to Love, a home for abandoned and orphaned children with disabilities in India in 2013. In this space, every child is worthy of a future more luminous than the circumstances they were born into, but there are some limitations.

Currently there are laws that require orphaned boys and girls to live in separate buildings and the Home of Hope can only support the boys overnight. This means, at the end of each day, the girls have no other choice but to leave the orphanage and sleep in unbearable conditions.

Courtney will forever have every last ounce of love to give, but to expand and give these sweet little girls a soft pillow in a permanent home, we need your support.

Please consider supporting One Life to Love. Every last dollar and prayer will be accepted with a tremendous amount of love and gratitude. And to those of you who have already graciously donated, because of your kindness and generosity, these kids are playing!!

I am beyond grateful that I have been fortunate enough to meet these little hearts and experience each of their unique ways to love. The world is in their hands, and together we can keep it there.


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