Taysha Carroll
Advisor to the Board

Taysha is a Brooklyn native now residing in Santa Monica, CA. She and Courtney met in 2005 during their time together at The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Taysha’s love of travel, fashion, culture, and personal growth led her to be connected with One Life to Love’s vision. Taysha has helped developed the organization from the ground up.

Taysha’s spiritual practice is centered around self-care and maintaining a healthy connection with her inner being, nature, and a higher power. As someone who strives to live life to the fullest, Taysha enjoys laughing and spending time with loved ones.

Taysha’s understanding of the importance of individuality is an incredible asset to OL2L. By embracing her journey, Taysha educates and empowers future leaders of the world to share their stories and learn from one another.

Taysha also donates proceeds from her company: https://www.theeditorllc.com/

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