Mary Jodry
Junior Board Member

Mary Jodry is a 14-year-old young women entering High School as a freshman. She has done several fundraisers for One Life to Love because she was so inspired by Courtney and the love that she felt for the children while visiting in India. Mary felt compelled to make a commitment to OLTL as a Junior Ambassador. Mary is a signed talent with Carson- Adler in NYC and she is determined to use her talent to help others. As a singer, actor, musician, songwriter, and dancer she has been able to combine her talents to help the children she has come to love.

Mary entered a national contest “nanowrimo” where she was challenged to write a 50K word novel. She was so inspired by Courtney that she used her life work and mission as the basis for the novel.

Mary is hoping to be able to continue the mission of helping and fundraising and continue to visit the children she loves annually. Although Mary is a great student, she also know that it is just as important to live your whole life with service and love. Being part of One Life to Love has given Mary more than she could ever give them.
If anyone would like to know more about being a Junior Ambassador or would like her to come and speak at your school to the other children, please contact .

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