Learn to Make Dumplings!

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Discover the flavor-packed world of dumplings!

In this virtual, interactive class, Chef Leenah will teach you step-by-step how to make dumpling wrappers from scratch, create a classic meat filling, and different folding techniques. Once you learn how to make your own dumplings, you will never resort to the pre-packaged dough or store bought frozen dumplings! These fresh, hand-made dumplings freeze well so you may want to make an extra batch for your freezer. You’ll also get to practice your knife skills as you chop along the chef.

No experience is required! We will send you the equipment and ingredients list, which are easy to find and you may already have them in your home kitchen. If you don’t have all ingredients, do not despair! Some ingredients can be easily substituted and our Chef will teach you how to make the most of what you already have on hand. We will share a recipe for vegetarian filling as well if you prefer a plant-based option. Just make sure you have these essential ingredients: flour, corn starch, meat (ground chicken, pork, or beef), soy sauce, chives, sesame oil, vinegar, salt, sugar, pepper. Scale to measure your flour is essential in this class. Measuring cups will not be as effective, so please make sure you have a scale! You will have an opportunity to interact with the Chef throughout the entire session and ask questions.

Prepare your mis-en-place ahead of the session, grab your favorite drinks, and get ready to join a fun virtual cooking party! Ticket is on a per-person basis.Please note our class times are in Eastern Time Zone!



About the Chef:

Originally born and raised in Vietnam, Chef Leenah spent eight years in the Philippines and five years in Thailand, where she honed her skills in South East Asian Cuisines. Inspired by her mother who used to be the Head Chef at the Embassies, Chef Leenah continued to master her expertise not only in Asian cuisines but also Italian cuisine, and pastry art and cake decoration. She cannot wait to share her stories, recipes, and her passion with everyone!
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