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The Problem


There are more than 1.7 million migrant workers living on the streets of Delhi without access to shelter, healthcare, education or government assistance.

As India rapidly urbanizes, more and more parents are migrating from villages to live and work on construction sites in the country’s growing cities – and bringing their young children with them. They are known as Internal Migrant Workers.

One Life to Love works to identify children of migrant workers’ families in our community and enroll them in OLTL’s Education Center for Children of Migrant Families.

Our Response

Education Center

The center uses a holistic approach to intervene in the children’s lives and promote their development according to each of their individual needs and abilities. Music, Art, Yoga and Dance are given as much importance as Academics because all are integral to their overall growth.

Children are given uniforms, hygiene supplies, backpacks, shoes and all their educational needs. The children are provided with a healthy breakfast and lunch daily. And they especially enjoy the evening snack time.

Each child’s educational, social, emotional and physical growth is recorded by volunteer doctors, educators and therapists.

Monthly home-visits are conducted to build relationships with our students, their families and communities. We also use this as an opportunity to conduct awareness campaigns about various health and safety issues faced by migrant families and to assess their living conditions to ensure our students are not in any immediate danger.

There Are 7 Problems Faced by Migrant Workers and Their Children:

Highly vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

Remain trapped in the poverty cycle.

Live on construction sites without proper shelter, running water or toilets.

No access to identification resulting in lack of access to healthcare, education and government assistance.

Child labor.

Unable to understand their rights or do not know their rights.

Prone to accidents, kidnapping, or being lured into human trafficking.

Stories of love

Read about the lives transformed through our DAYCARE CENTER.

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