Frightening Fall

Saturdays are probably my favorite days with the boys. Maybe because it’s a “day off” where they don’t have classes or doctors appointments or physical therapy sessions. Plus, my husband is usually off work Saturdays too so we can all be together as a family. And that’s what it feels like. Family. Not just for me. I see it in the kids eyes and smiles. They just love when we are all together.

Since Ravi is not able to speak, he mostly yells and makes shaking gestures with his hands when he gets excited. It’s the sweetest thing and always lights up the room.

Well I guess this past Saturday Ravi was really happy for family time. Because he was shouting and shaking his hands and stomping his feet. Ravi suffers from a physical deformity which causes his back to curve inward , making him unstable. So while he was getting over excited, he lost his balance and fell backward. To make things worse, when he falls backward, instead of trying tobreak his fall, he actually throws his head back causing a more severe impact.

So Ravi fell and slammed his head on the ground hard. A little cut and bump were immediately visible. We applied some ice (and healing kisses) and made him sit to relax a little.

Later on in the day, the boys were playing with Chinu and Kaddu, Happydog’s little pups. Ravi loves them a lot and sometimes gets way to curious about them- like this time. He bent over toget close to Chinu, inviting Chinu to kiss his cheek. Then he suddenly grabbed Chinu’s tongue. Scared, Chinu screeched and pushed away from Ravi, causing him to again lose his balance. And he hit his head, again, in the same spot.

This time however the back of his head swelled up so big. And it just seemed to get worse and worse even after we applied ice. I was terrified. I thought he may have fractured his skull. Thank God my husband was with me, otherwise I would have freaked out trying to find an auto to pick us up and bring us to the ER.

My wonderful husband picked up Ravi and got him in the car. The three of us reached the hospital in less than 20 minutes! We immediately met with the neurosurgeon who checked out Ravi. After a thorough examination, the doctor told us that thank God nothing serious was wrong.

He said it was a bad bump and would probably take about 3 weeks to go down fully. He also advised that in these 3 weeks we keep Ravi under close watch, making sure he doesn’t vomit or act drowsy which could be a sign of internal bleeding. (Pray for his complete and quick recovery)

I Thank God our little guy is ok. When things like this happen, it makes you realize how much we take for granted. A simple fall could result in serious injury or death- it could alter your whole life in one moment. I just couldn’t stop thanking God for protecting our boys from all kinds of harm. Every day truly is a miracle.

This also made me realize how important it is for us to have a vehicle of our own in case of an emergency. Had, God forbid, something been seriously wrong with Ravi, and had my husband not been there with me that day, we would have lost precious time calling an auto or arranging some other kind of public transport to the hospital.

Our children are extremely vulnerable and it is my responsibility to do everything i can to protect them- They are my children and that is my God-given responsibility.

Sometimes I wish God made me a millionaire. I could do a lot of nice things with a million dollars-one of them would be to buy our children a reliable vehicle. Not only for emergency purposes, but for their daily doctors visits, school trips and physical therapy appointments.

But God didn’t make me a millionaire. He made me a missionary. But he gave me a heart to give until it hurts, a voice to speak for the voiceless and a faith that is unshakeable.

So I have started a campaign, with full faith in God’s provision, toraise just $20,000 to purchase a reliable vehicle for our children.

I am asking all of our friends and supporters to help us raise this much-needed money. If you can’t personally give financially, you may know someone that can. So please help us by spreading the word! Please be an advocate for our children.

I cannot imagine the look on their faces when they see their new vehicle- I’m looking forward to that day and asking you to help make it happen!

If you want to help provide this need for our children, You can give here and/or direct others to give here:

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