Junior Ambassadors

Would you like to personally represent One Life to Love?

We are looking for young leaders in our community that are dedicated to changing the world.

What is the Junior Ambassador Program?

The Junior Ambassador program is all about passion.

Passion for a good cause. Passion to help the less fortunate. Passion to impact lives. Passion to speak up for the marginalized. Passion to make a difference in this world.

Our Junior Ambassador Program is an opportunity for you to be the change you wish to see in the world. This program enables you to be of service both locally and abroad. Become a leader of service in your local community while creating change in our global community. Junior Ambassadors are the face and voice of One Life to Love in their schools, churches, clubs, teams, families, and wherever they go.

We are looking for young leaders in USA that embody our mission and are committed to helping us raise awareness and funds for our cause to support the children we serve in India. You can empower your community while empowering underprivileged children in need. Use your skills, creativity, talent, sport, etc. as a way to impact the lives of less fortunate children in India.

Benefits for the Ambassador:

    • Earn community service credits for your school/club/etc.
    • Build your resume for college/career
    • Interact regularly with OLTL Ambassadors and Board of Directors
    • Work at your own convenience/free time
    • Gain knowledge of the non-profit sector
    • Acquire central professional skills like grassroots organizing, activism, planning & organizing, public speaking & presentation, social media management, fundraising, marketing communications, program development, community engagement, and more.
    • Access to festivals, concerts, and other fundraising and awareness events
    • Networking and relationship-building with like-minded individuals in the program


    1. Must be 14-18 years old
    2. Must be enrolled in High School or other educational institution and maintain an average 2.5 GPA
    3. Must display sound moral character, be responsible, determined, and ambitious.
    4. Must be or aim to be a social influencer- for good!
    5. Must be willing/able to complete a total of 50 service hours per year. Hours can be spread out (i.e. 1 service hour per week).
    6. Must be able to work well with others
    7. Must be available to have bi-monthly meetings with OLTL CEO/Chairwoman/or any other OLTL representative appointed to you either in person or via phone/skype.
    8. Must have Parental Permission (if under 18 years) and fill out the required agreement.

Some examples of a Junior Ambassador’s services:

    • Plan and organize a fundraising event such as a dodgeball tournament.
    • Start an online fundraiser and invite your friends/classmates/family members to contribute
    • Organize an awareness event at your school or club in which an OLTL representative can give a presentation
    • Create a “pen pal” program with your classmates and OLTL’s children in India.
    • Help manage Social Media, i.e. increase followers on IG by spending time liking and commenting on other related IG profiles.
    • Write content for the blog and newsletters
    • Research articles and news related to OLTL’s work
    • Research grant opportunities
    • Speak on behalf of OLTL
    • Help manage our vendor tables at festivals and other events
    • Be a voice for OLTL in your church by organizing prayer meetings or distributing OLTL materials.
    • Come to India to spend time with the children and see our work first-hand

The opportunities are endless.

We want to hear your ideas because we believe in your passion and your ability to change the world.


Are you interested? If so, please fill out an application!