Empowerment of orphans and abandoned children with mental and physical disabilities

One Life to Love’s Home of Hope focus on rescuing children from the streets and providing them with a nurturing home where they can live the healthy life that every child deserves.

In Delhi, India where One Life to Love’s work began, there are more than 100,000 children living on the streets.

Some are homeless, some are lost, some are abandoned and others are victims of human trafficking. A large percentage
of these children are physically and/or mentally challenged. While there are many homes catering to the needs of ‘normal’ street children, there is not a single home for street children with special needs. These children are seen as a major burden to care for. They are the unwanted ones.

One Life to Love opened the Home of Hope in 2013.

Our Vision for the Home is that each special needs child who enters through our doors would be transformed into a healthy, happy child.

We believe each of these children has special gifts that just need to be tapped into.

We also believe they have the ability to do so much more than society believes.

Through this Home, we hope to also sensitize and educate the children’s families and communities about special needs children.

Our work follows a process known as the FOUR ‘R’s:

  1. Rescue: Rescue children from the streets and welcome them into our Home of Hope
  2. Recondition: Help them overcome their past tragedies, which has conditioned some of their erratic behaviors, and give them a safe space, surrounded by love, understanding & support, to begin to live a normal life.
  3. Rehabilitate: Provide physical therapy, healthcare, nutrition & special education so they may overcome their disabilities
  4. Reintegrate: Through education & vocational training, we are enabling children to become independent; otherwise we plan to provide a permanent space for those children whose disabilities will forever keep them dependent on One Life to Love’s care.