I don’t want to be a hearer who forgets. I want to be a doer who acts. I want to put away all wickedness and to live in the righteousness of God.
When I was on my way to Delhi, I kept thinking about a quote from Ghandi: “Be the change you want to see in the world…”. That’s what I want to be. I want to be the change. As I was thinking these things, a question kept plaguing, “What is the change you want to see in the world?” So I began to envision the changes I want to see in this world…
First of all, I want to see children like him realize their full potential and become all God wants them to be…

Hug Me with Your Sunshine

You kiss me with Your rain drops

You hug me with Your sunshine
You remind me of Your presence by the wind that shakes the leaves and the grass.
I am not alone in my anguish
Nor am I in solitude during persecution
Your love surrounds me always
It heals my heart and strengthens my soul
You give me comfort in the darkness, security in the moonlight
You create wonder and awe inside me
at a glance upon the stars
Your glory surrounds me and keeps me
forever in Your grace
Father I will stand and forever sing Your praise
The enemy goes against me, deceiving and malicious in action
But it is never too much compared to the One Almighty.
I shall never fear evil and all its deceitful ways. For my heart is set on Jesus.
He shall teach me and guide me in all of His righteous paths
He gives this gift so freely. If I only knew in the beginning all i had to do was ask.
Humble me Lord. Humble me sincerely.
Humble me before You for it is the only way that I will see that I am nothing without You. I am nothing but a season; a chance that soon will pass.
But the Lord sustains forever
And never changing He remains.

How blessed


a short time with these children reminded me of how an accident of latitude can cause the divergence between my lifestyle and their’s; but it shouldn’t be a reasoning for their suffering.